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Changes in $$\dot V$$ O2 max and running performance with training
SummaryThis study was undertaken to determine the response of $$\dot V$$ O2 max and of running performance (805 and 3218 m) to the onset of training in untrained individuals and to an increase inExpand
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Racialized places, racialized bodies: the impact of racialization on individual and place identities
Scholarship in Geography and other disciplines understands race as a social construction (Inwood and Martin 2008; Melamed 2006; Hoelscher 2003; Nash 2003; Delaney 2002; Holloway 2000; Omi and WinantExpand
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Compositional heterogeneity of Asteroid 4 Vesta’s southern hemisphere: Implications for the Dawn mission
Abstract High signal-to-noise, rotationally-resolved spectra of Asteroid 4 Vesta’s southern hemisphere from the 2007 opposition were used to constrain its compositional and mineralogical variations.Expand
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Becoming “Hispanic” in the “New South”: Central American immigrants’ racialization experiences in Atlanta, GA, USA
For many migrants from Latin America, “Hispanic/Latino(a)” is an identity that they encounter in the United States with which they were unfamiliar in their home countries and must negotiate in theirExpand
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Latino/White and Latino/Black Segregation in the Southeastern United States: Findings from Census 2000
Examining the spatial dispersion of immigrant and ethnic groups in urban settings can provide insight into the social and political relations between these groups and the majority populations withExpand
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Positionality and Active Learning: Confronting Privilege in Field-Exercise Design
Abstract University instructors are increasingly drawing on active learning exercises to engender critical thinking skills among students. In this article, we introduce the design and implementationExpand
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Serendipitous conservation: Impacts of oil pipeline construction in rural northwestern Ecuador
Abstract Since the early 1980s investment has moved into the Nono-Tandayapa-Mindo-Los Bancos region of NW Ecuador largely through a rapid expansion of ecotourism facilities. Cows and pastures haveExpand
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Nondestructive testing of PEM fuel cells
We report on electric and magnetic nondestructive testing (NDT) of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that convert hydrogen and oxygen gas into water,Expand
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Spontaneous magnetization generated by spin, pulsating, and planar combustion synthesis
The motion of the high temperature front during combustion synthesis of ferrite materials generates residual magnetization in cylindrical product samples. The combustion wave created a currentExpand
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