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Superplastic Flow: Phenomenology and Mechanics
1 Phenomenology of Superplastic Flow.- 1.1 Historical.- 1.2 Mechanical Behaviour of Superplastics.- 1.2.1 Mechanical Tests.- 1.2.2 Typical Experimental Results.- 1.2.3 Conditions for SuperplasticExpand
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Mechanics of Solids
There is no unique definition for ‘mechanics’. Many regard it as an elementary branch of physics dealing with the motion and equilibrium of rigid bodies (the so-called classical dynamics) that formsExpand
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Mathematical modelling of the superplastic forming of a long rectangular sheet
Abstract Standard finite element software (ANSYS FEM-code) is used to model the superplastic forming of a superplastic sheet alloy into a rectangular die. As distinct from other known approaches theExpand
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Phenomenology of Superplastic Flow
In this chapter, the phenomenology of superplastic flow is discussed. Full expositions are available in [1–6]. Other reviews consider this aspect to varying extent [7–15]. Attention is focussed hereExpand
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A model of biotissues is proposed to display viscoplastic properties in the presence of strong nonlinearity of velocity sensitivity and corresponding basic relations are derived. By way of example,Expand
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Mathematical Modeling of Superplastic Forming of a Long Rectangular Box Section
The method to calculate the pressure time cycle for the case of superplastic forming of a long rectangular diaphragm is suggested in this paper. Simplified model of this process is developed by usingExpand
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Theory of elastoplastic processes and study of structure-mechanical properties of materials
The prospects of application of A. A. Il’yushin’s theory of elastoplastic processes when studying structure-mechanical properties of materials are discussed. It is shown that the idea to classifyExpand
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Constitutive Equations for Superplastics
Most of the constitutive equations (CE) for superplastics found in the literature [284–294] are written in scalar form in terms of infinitesimally small strains. A review of such scalar CEs is madeExpand
Problems and Perspectives
In this chapter, some problems of and perspectives on investigations in superplasticity are presented. As elsewhere in the book, only aspects of phenomenology and mechanics are considered.
Constitutive Models in Superplasticity / A Review
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