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An evaluation of changes in mandibular anterior alignment from 10 to 20 years postretention.
Cases responded in a diverse unpredictable manner with no apparent predictors of future success when considering pretreatment records or the treated results and crowds continued to increase during the 10- to 20-year postretention phase. Expand
Stability and relapse of mandibular anterior alignment-first premolar extraction cases treated by traditional edgewise orthodontics.
Assessment at least 10 years postretention of sixty-five cases previously treated in the permanent-dentition stage with first-premolar extractions, traditional edgewise mechanics, and retentionExpand
A comparison of apical root resorption during orthodontic treatment in endodontically treated and vital teeth.
Vital incisor resorbed to a significantly greater degree than endodontically treated incisors (p less than or equal to 0.05) and control teeth in males exhibited a statistically significant increase in resorption overcontrol teeth in females. Expand
A review of the retention problem.
  • R. A. Riedel
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • The Angle orthodontist
  • 1 October 1960
This presentation presented before the Edward H. Angle Society, Colorado Springs, October, 1959, outlined the aims of the presenters' research and some of the methods they used to achieve these goals. Expand
Long-term evaluation of root resorption occurring during orthodontic treatment.
The long-term evaluation of teeth that had undergone root resorption during active orthodontic treatment showed no apparent changes after appliance removal except remodeling of rough and sharp edges. Expand
Serial extraction of first premolars--postretention evaluation of stability and relapse.
Case records were evaluated for 30 patients who had undergone serial extraction of deciduous teeth plus first premolars followed by comprehensive orthodontic treatment and retention and demonstrated clinically unsatisfactory mandibular anterior alignment postretention. Expand
Mandibular incisor extraction--postretention evaluation of stability and relapse.
Intercanine width decreased during treatment and continued to decrease postretention in most cases, but overbite and overjet remained acceptable and no associations could be found to predict the amount of relapse. Expand
Esthetics and its relation to orthodontic therapy.