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Nutritional Values of Wild Fruits and Consumption by Migrant Frugivorous Birds
To learn some of the bases for consumption of temperate fleshy fruits by birds, we examined nutritional and morphological traits of temperate fleshy fruits and made laboratory obser? vations onExpand
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Habitat segregation based on soil texture and body size in the seed‐harvester ants Pogonomyrmex rugosus and P. barbatus
1. The seed‐harvester ants Pogonomyrmex rugosus and P. barbatus are ecologically equivalent sister species that have broadly overlapping distributions in the south‐western U.S.A.; however the twoExpand
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Adolescent cigarette smoking in U.S. racial/ethnic subgroups: findings from the National Education Longitudinal Study.
Using nationally representative data for 16,454 8th graders and 13,840 10th graders, we explore racial/ethnic differences in "daily cigarette initiation," beginning to smoke on a daily basis betweenExpand
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It has been suggested that the discontinuous ventilation cycle (DVC) observed in many insects, including all ants described to date, is an adaptation to reduce respiratory water loss. To test thisExpand
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Water loss in desert ants: caste variation and the effect of cuticle abrasion
Water loss rates (WLRs) varied across castes (workers > alate males > alate females) for desert ants in the genera Aphaenogaster, Messor and Pogonomyrmex. Exposure to soil caused increased WLRs inExpand
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Too Big to Bail: The "Paulson Put," Presidential Politics, and the Global Financial Meltdown
This paper analyzes how a world financial meltdown developed out of U.S. subprime mortgage markets. It outlines how deregulatory initiatives allowed Wall Street to build an entire line of new, riskyExpand
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Nonresponse and Selection Bias in Treatment Follow-up Studies
Large-scale studies of addiction treatment employ two stages: select providers, then select patients to follow-up. Nonresponse due to noncooperation of providers and problems of locating andExpand
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Pollination and Reproductive Ecology of Acuña Cactus, Echinomastus erectrocentrus var. Acunensis (Cactaceae)
  • R. A. Johnson
  • Biology
  • International Journal of Plant Sciences
  • 1 September 1992
Echinomastus erectrocentrus var. acunensis initiates flowering in early March and is the first cactus species to bloom in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona. Flowering is correlated withExpand
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