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Implications of bias in conservation research and investment for freshwater species
Human population growth and economic development threaten the integrity of freshwater ecosystems globally, reducing their ability to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. However, ourExpand
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Effects of methodology and stakeholder disaggregation on ecosystem service valuation
Contingent valuation is one of the most commonly used methodologies utilized in ecosystem service valuation, thereby including a participatory approach to many such assessments. However, inclusion ofExpand
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Spatial covariation between freshwater and terrestrial ecosystem services.
To inform the design and implementation of land-use policies that consider the variety of goods and services people derive from ecosystems, it is essential to understand spatial patterns ofExpand
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Was Steenstrup Right? A New Interpretation of the 16th Century Sea Monk of the Øresund
The mysterious “sea monk” found in the Oresund c. 1550 was commented on by three great Renaissance natural historians, Pierre Belon, Guillaume Rondelet and Conrad Gesner. Three centuries later,Expand
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Implementing land-use and ecosystem service effects into an integrated bioenergy value chain optimisation framework
This study presents a multi-objective optimisation model that is configured to account for a range of interrelated or conflicting questions with regard to the introduction of bioenergy systems. Expand
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The influence of temporal variation on relationships between ecosystem services
A growing literature aims to identify areas of congruence in the provision of multiple ecosystem goods and services. However, little attention has been paid to the effect that temporal variation inExpand
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Bats: Orientation, Navigation and Homing
Along with birds, bats are one of the two vertebrate groups to have evolved the ability to fly and, thus, to range over wide distances. With such ability comes the problem of finding the way homeExpand
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Consumption-based accounting of CO2 emissions in the sustainable development Goals Agenda
ABSTRACT In 2017 the paper ‘The Sustainable Development Oxymoron: Quantifying and Modelling the Incompatibility of Sustainable Development Goals’ was published, showing that there is a conflictExpand
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