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Evaluation of subgrid-scale models using an accurately simulated turbulent flow
A calculation of periodic homogeneous isotropic turbulence is used to simulate the experimental decay of grid turbulence. The calculation is found to match the experiment in a number of importantExpand
African Securities Market Designs
Abstract African securities markets present international investors with unique opportunities for diversification and risk return profiles consistent with emerging markets. This research examinesExpand
Evaluation of subgrid-scale turbulence models using a fully simulated turbulent flow
An exact turbulent flow field was calculated on a three-dimensional grid with 64 points on a side. The flow simulates grid-generated turbulence from wind tunnel experiments. In this simulation, theExpand
Africa's Emerging Securities Markets: Developments in Financial Infrastructure
Introduction Investment Flows and Regional Development Securities Market Profiles African Investments Selected Bibliography Index
The evolution of HOBO
Abstract A free-Lagrangian hydrodynamics code, HOBO, for flow in two dimensions is described. HOBO uses arbitrarily shaped cells with arbitrary connectivity that move with the fluid velocity. OnlyExpand
Compressible Lagrangian hydrodynamics without Lagrangian cells
The partial differential Eqs [2.1, 2.2, and 2.3], along with the equation of state 2.4, which describe the time evolution of compressible fluid flow can be solved without the use of a LagrangianExpand
Bending of Curved Tubes
Publisher Summary This chapter analyzes bending of curved tubes. In 1910, A. Bantlin found, experimentally, that a curved tube is much more flexible in bending than a straight tube of the same crossExpand
Event-EMU: an event driven timing simulator for MOS VLSI circuits
An event-driven approach to MOS timing simulation is presented, which has proved to be more efficient and reliable than time-step-based methods and 200-300 times faster than circuit simulation. Expand