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Metazoan parasites of Engraulis ringens as tools for stock discrimination along the Chilean coast
The value of the metazoan parasites of the anchoveta Engraulis ringens as biological tags for stock discrimination is assessed. Three hundred and fifty-nine specimens, obtained from six landing portsExpand
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Endoparasite fauna of five Gadiformes fish species from the coast of Chile: host ecology versus phylogeny.
The aims of the present study were to compare, using multivariate analyses, the degree of similarity of the endoparasite fauna of five fish species belonging to the order Gadiformes: Merluccius gayi,Expand
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Neurobiología de la creatividad: resultados preliminares de un estudio de activación cerebral
SUMMARY Creativity is important for individuals and for societies. The study of creativity from a neurobiological perspective is still a challenge for researchers. The creative process involves theExpand
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Molecular and Morphological Evidence Demonstrating Two Species of Helicometrina Linton 1910 (Digenea: Opecoelidae) in Northern Chile
Abstract:  The opecoelid Helicometrina nimia Linton, 1910 has been reported from numerous marine fishes along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the Americas. Along the Chilean coast, H. nimia isExpand
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Local variability in metazoan parasites of the pelagic fish species, Engraulis ringens: implications for fish stock assessment using parasites as biological tags.
Parasites have been used successfully as biological tags in population studies, mainly in marine fishes, but also in marine mammals, crustaceans and molluscs. Almost all published information dealingExpand
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Philometra chilensis (Nematoda, Philometridae) affects the fecundity of the red cusk-eel, Genypterus chilensis (Guichenot) (Pisces, Ophidiidae) in Chile
The occurrence of the dracunculoid nematode Philometra chilensis Moravec, Chávez et Oliva, 2011 (Philometridae) infecting the ovary of the red cusk-eel, Genypterus chilensis (Guichenot), off theExpand
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La creatividad y la psicopatología
Resumen en: What is the relation between creativity and psychopathology? Does psychopathology facilitate creativity? Does creative activity induce psychopathology?...
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Imagery As a Core Process in the Creativity of Successful and Awarded Artists and Scientists and Its Neurobiological Correlates
This perspective paper presents an integration of neuroimaging and phenomenological data obtained in a sample that included highly creative, internationally awarded scientists and/or artists. TheExpand
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La creatividad y el relato en los diferentes tipos de delirios crónicos: un estudio descriptivo
Introduccion Los delirios son creencias irreales e irreductibles a la logica y que no son compartidas por la cultura (APA). Henri Ey los clasifica en dos grandes grupos: agudos y cronicos. En esteExpand
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