R. A. Carvalho

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Metabolites of vitamin D3 (D3) (cholecalciferol) are recognized as enzymatically formed chemicals in humans that can influence a wide variety of reactions that regulate a large number of cellular(More)
BACKGROUND Sertoli cells metabolize glucose producing lactate for developing germ cells. As insulin regulates glucose uptake and its disturbance/insensitivity is associated with diabetes mellitus, we(More)
At variance with pilocarpine-induced epilepsy in the laboratory rat, pilocarpine administration to the tropical rodent Proechimys guyannensis (casiragua) elicited an acute seizure that did not(More)
Cytogenetic analyses of the location of 18S and 5S ribosomal DNAs, and the base composition of B chromosomes of Iheringichthys labrosus from Tibagi River, Paraná, Brazil, are provided. AgNORs were(More)