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Parasitism and ecological relationships among deep-sea benthic fishes
The metazoan parasite fauna of 52 species of deep-living benthic fishes from depths of 53 to 5000m off the New York Bight is studied to find out why fish from within the submarine canyon are more heavily infested than those living without. Expand
The genus Acanthobothrium (Cestoda : Tetraphyllidea : Onchobothriidae) parasitic in Australian elasmobranch fishes
The onchobothriid tetraphyllidean cestode genus Acanthobothrium van Beneden, 1849, parasitic in the spiral intestine of elasmobranch fishes, was investigated in the Australian region, finding 27 species, including 27 that are new, to be investigated. Expand
Islands in the sea: extreme female natal site fidelity in the Australian sea lion, Neophoca cinerea
An investigation of variation in a control region sequence of mtDNA in the Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) has shown a case of extreme female natal site fidelity that has resulted in almost fixed population differentiation across its range (ΦST=0.93). Expand
Rhinoptericola megacantha gen. et sp. n., representing a new family of Trypanorhynch cestodes from the cownose ray, Rhinoptera bonasus (Mitchill 1815).
Examination of trypanorhynchs from this host has revealed another unusual cestode which is allocated to the new family, Rhinoptericolidae, described herein. Expand
Three new genera and seven new species of trypanorhynch cestodes (family Eutetrarhynchidae) from manta rays, Mobula spp. (Mobulidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico.
Three new genera of eutetrarhynchid trypanorhynch cestodes are described from Mobula spp. (Mobulidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico. Fellicocestus mobulae gen. et sp. n. from the gall bladderExpand
Two new species of Pseudochristianella Campbell & Beveridge, 1990 (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) from elasmobranch fishes from the Gulf of California, Mexico.
The species are distinguished from one another and from the only existing species within the genus, P. southwelli Campbel & Beveridge, 1990, by differences in the arrangement of bill-hooks on the external surface of the basal swelling of the tentacle and by the number of hooks in each row of the metabasasl armature. Expand
Three new genera of trypanorhynch cestodes from Australian elasmobranch fishes
Three new genera of trypanorhynch cestodes from Australian elasmobranch fishes collected in the Arafura Sea, off the Northern Territory, are described. Fossobothrium perplexum n. g., n. sp.Expand
New hemiurid trematodes from deep-sea benthic fishes in the western North Atlantic.
Eight species of hemiurid trematodes, 6 of which are new, are reported from deep-sea fishes in the Hudson Canyon area of the western North Atlantic. New species include Dinosoma triangulata, D.Expand