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Net energy analyses of eight technologies to provide domestic hot water heat
Net energy analyses have been carried out for eight trajectories which convert an energy source into heated domestic water. In addition, economic and metals consumed estimates have been made forExpand
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Transportation energy use in Monroe County (Rochester), New york
Monroe County's transportation sector energy use has been analyzed with a veiw toward examining possible energy conservation strategies. Primary emphasis has been placed on commuting energy use sinceExpand
Energy use in Monroe County (Rochester), New York
In 1981, Monroe County residents sent more than $0.75 × 109 to other states and countries for energy purchases. As with most areas in the energy poor, frost-belt states of the northeastern UnitedExpand
Net energy analyses of four technologies to provide residential space heat
After having calculated energy ratios for four methods of providing residential space heat, passive solar heating systems were found to return approx. 20–25 units of energy for each unit of energyExpand
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