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Morphological re-evaluation of the parotoid glands of Bufo ictericus (Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae)
Multicellular glands in the amphibian integument represent a signifi cant evolutionary advance over those of fi shes. Bufonids have parotoid glands, symmetrically disposed in a post-orbital position.Expand
Structural aspects of the Eberth-Katschenko layer of Bufo ictericus integument: histochemical characterization and biochemical analysis of the cutaneous calcium (Amphibian, Bufonidae).
Anuran, such as Brazilian toad Bufo ictericus Spix, 1824, possess a calcified dermal layer called the Eberth-Katschenko (EK) layer located between the stratum spongiosum and the stratum compactum. ItExpand
Dermal collagen organization in Bufo ictericus and in Rana catesbeiana integument (Anuran, Amphibian) under the evaluation of laser confocal microscopy.
Collagen structural organization plays an important role in the mechanical property of the vertebrate integument. Bufo ictericus and Rana catesbeiana integument was investigated by light microscopyExpand
Morphology of Bufo ictericus integument (Amphibia, Bufonidae).
Bufo ictericus integument was investigated by stereoscopic, low vacuum scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and light microscopy. The studies revealed, that the dorsalExpand
Dermatan sulfate is the major metachromatic glycosaminoglycan in the integument of the anuran Bufo ictericus.
Glycosaminoglycans from the ventral and dorsal integuments of the anuran Bufo ictericus were characterized based on biochemical and histochemical methods. Dermatan sulfate is the major metachromaticExpand
Expression pattern of glycoconjugates in the Bidderian and ovarian follicles of the Brazilian toad Bufo ictericus analyzed by lectin histochemistry.
The Bidder's organ and ovary of the Brazilian toad Bufo ictericus were studied by light microscopy, using hematoxylin-eosin (HE) and periodic acid Schiff (PAS) staining. The expression andExpand
Expression pattern of glycoconjugates in the integument of Bufo ictericus (Anuran, Bufonidae): biochemical and histochemical (lectin) profiles.
Mucous consists of glycoproteins and proteoglycans produced by specific secretory cells (mucocytes). In anurans the cutaneous mucous is produced by intradermal glands and displays both mechanical andExpand
Hyaluronan in the epidermal and the dermal extracellular matrix: its role in cutaneous hydric balance and integrity of anuran integument.
New researches have revealed that hyaluronan (HA) is not a passive molecule. HA has being pointed out to participate in many processes, such as cell interactions, proliferating and migrating cellExpand