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We have investigated the expression of the Mtv-2 and Mtv-3 proviral genes in mouse mammary glands by examining the effect of hormones on levels of mammary tumor virus (MTV) proteins p27 (gag) and gp52 (env) in mouse mammary explants. We also investigated the effect of the hormones on DNA synthesis in the explants. The mammary glands were derived from inbred(More)
A radioimmunoassay for the antigens of the mouse mammary tumour virus has been developed. -125Iodine-labelling of intact virus [derived from mammary tumours of (C3H TIMES 020)F1 mice] followed by ether extraction and separation of the ether and water layers resulted in a separation of the labelled material into two main groups of antigenic components. The(More)
Implantation of hypophysial isografts does not lead to induction of mammary tumors in all strains of mice lacking the exogenous murine mammary tumor virus. While O20, C3Hf, and BALB/c females are highly susceptible and C57BL and TSI females are of intermediate susceptibility, the STS females appear to be nearly totally resistant. The resistance of the STS(More)
The mammary tumor induction genes Mtv-1 in mouse strain DBAf and Mtv-2 in strain GR control the complete expression of the endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV). We have used a combination of genetic, biochemical and molecular biological methods to identify and correlate specific copies of the endogenous MMTV proviral genes with the biological(More)