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The mammary tumor induction genes Mtv-1 in mouse strain DBAf and Mtv-2 in strain GR control the complete expression of the endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV). We have used a combination of genetic, biochemical and molecular biological methods to identify and correlate specific copies of the endogenous MMTV proviral genes with the biological(More)
By radioimmunoassay (RIA) mammary tumour virus (MTV) antigens were detected in individual milk samples of C3Hf mice, (female BALB/c X male C3Hf)F1 mice and (female C3Hf X male BALB/c)F1 mice; milk samples of BALB/c mice were negative. In the segregating backcross I population, female BALB/c X male (female BALB/c X male C3Hf) viral antigens were found in the(More)
By immunodiffusion assay (ID-test) milk samples of mice of several strains and of F1-hybrids of the GR strain were tested for the presence of mammary tumour virus (MTV) antigens. The results clearly demonstrated that the presence of viral antigens in the milk of the first lactation period is restricted to mice harbouring endogenous MTV-GR. Viral antigens(More)
MTV antigens were demonstrable by radioimmunoassay in milk samples from individual DBAf mice, and in samples from (male BALB/c X female DBAf) F1 mice. Although some samples collected during the first lactation periods of these mice were virus-negative, all samples of later lactation periods were virus-positive. From 75 mice of the [ male BALB/c X female(More)
Primary and transplanted mammary tumors of the GR mouse were explanted in tissue culture and grown in the presence of radioactive fucose. Labelled membrane glycopeptides were isolated and compared by cochromatography with differentially labelled glycopeptides from normal mammary gland tissue. Differences with controls in the glycopeptide elution profiles(More)