R. van Diggelen

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  • A. P. Grootjans, R. van Diggelen, M. J. Wassen, W. A. Wiersinga
  • 2004
Conditions in fen meadows in Dutch stream valleys are influenced by both deep (Ca2+-rich) and shallow (Ca2+-poor) groundwater flows. The distribution patterns of phreatophytic (groundwater-influenced) plant species showed distinct relationships with the distribution of different groundwater types. Large fluctuations in the ionic composition of groundwater(More)
Understanding the factors determining the size and extent of Si cycling in wetlands is important, as more and more research shows they interact strongly within riverine Si fluxes. One key factor is the size of the ecosystem Si reservoir, which strongly depends on the occurrence of organisms specialized in biological Si processing. Our study was aimed to(More)
  • J. F. M. Spieksma, J. M. Schouwenaars, R. van Diggelen
  • 2004
Lake-side wetlands and their original vegetation have become rare in The Netherlands. The few remaining lake-side wetlands (also called: boezemlands) are mostly managed as nature reserves. Much attention is given to the preservation and restoration of species-rich meadows (Calthion palustris). In lake-side wetlands, both desiccation and acidification(More)
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