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Vocabulary test responses, as traditionally scored were compared to these same responses when scored for finer nuances of understanding, as determined by the criterion of superior synonyms. It was hypothesized that the latter would be more related to age in a deficit pattern than the former. The results partly supported the hypothesis and partly not. In the(More)
For real-time applications in a distributed system a common notion of time is indispensable. Clocks are used for time measurement, determination of causality, process synchronization and generating unique identjfications. All this is only possible if there is a time reference of specified accuracy. Since the local clocks in a distributed system tend to drvt(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients' interpretation of ambiguous physical symptoms may influence illness presentation in primary care. The present study sought to investigate the influence of symptom attribution style on the recognition of psychiatric morbidity by general practitioners (GPs). METHODS Patients consulting GPs completed assessments of attribution style and(More)
The purposes of this research project were to identify the extent to which online courses are available to high school students in Tennessee, to describe the characteristics of current online programs, to identify barriers to the implementation of online courses in school systems that are not currently offering such programs, and to offer recommendations(More)
This dissertation presents information gathered and analyzed through an electronic internet-based Delphi Survey process. The purpose of this study is to identify a consensus of factors that might forecast the future effects of Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology on engineering design education when used for the purpose of overcoming the limitations of 2D(More)
An Investigative Analysis of Teaching Business Ethics in Tennessee Community Colleges by Carol Cole The purpose of this study was to investigate what Tennessee community colleges were currently doing in preparing students in the area of business ethics. The study explored preparedness of faculty members in teaching business ethics, motivations for teaching(More)
  • Pashia H Hogan, Louise Mackay, Russell West, Amber Kinser
  • 2003
Adult women enter or reenter college for a variety of reasons, one of which is because of the loss of a job and the need to retrain for reentry into the workforce. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to investigate the actual experiences of female displaced workers entering community college, as compared with their initial expectations as adult(More)
  • Edith Anderson Edwards, Louise Mackay, Nancy Dishner, Pamela Evanshen, Russell West, Mrs Shirlene +1 other
  • 2003
The workforce in the United States is aging. Teachers, like all other workers in the country, are also aging. The veteran teachers in our nation's public schools possess wisdom gained through their on-the-job experience. With looming teacher shortages in our public schools, it is imperative that we retain this wisdom. Administrators, school boards, and the(More)
The purpose of this study was to describe the creation and development of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) in Abingdon, Virginia as an example of a higher education consortium. Case study methodology was used to determine why and how the SVHEC was established, who was involved, and how well it served adult students and the community.(More)
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