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Transverse single-spin asymmetries to probe the transverse-spin structure of the proton have been measured for neutral pions and nonidentified charged hadrons from polarized proton-proton collisions at midrapidity and square root(s) = 200 GeV. The data cover a transverse momentum (pT) range 1.0-5.0 GeV/c for neutral pions and 0.5-5.0 GeV/c for charged(More)
Transverse momentum spectra of neutral pions in the range 1<p(T)<10 GeV/c have been measured at midrapidity by the PHENIX experiment at BNL RHIC in Au+Au collisions at sqrt[s(NN)]=200 GeV. The pi(0) multiplicity in central reactions is significantly below the yields measured at the same sqrt[s(NN)] in peripheral Au+Au and p+p reactions scaled by the number(More)
A largely extended experimental knowledge of the 61 29 Cu32 nucleus has been obtained from three experiments. Excited states in 61 Cu were produced via the fusion-evaporation reaction 28 Si(36 Ar, 3p) 61 Cu. In addition to the Ge array GAMMASPHERE, neutron and charged-particle detectors placed around the target position were used for high-performance(More)
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