R. Z. Abu Samra

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Research investigating the effects of attitude-focused interventions on doctors' and medical students' attitudes toward older adults has produced mixed results. The objective of this systematic review was to determine whether factors pertaining to study design and quality might provide some explanation of this inconclusive picture. Articles were judged of(More)
BACKGROUND despite assertions in reports from governmental and charitable bodies that negative staff attitudes towards older patients may contribute to inequitable healthcare provision for older patients when compared with younger patients (those aged under 65 years), the research literature does not describe these attitudes in any detail. OBJECTIVE this(More)
BACKGROUND Medication error is a frequent, harmful and costly patient safety incident. Research to date has mostly focused on medication errors in hospitals. In this study, we aimed to identify the main causes of, and solutions to, medication error in primary care. METHODS We used a novel priority-setting method for identifying and ranking patient safety(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore how information and data are used to monitor patient safety and quality of primary care by professionals working in, or supporting, primary healthcare. DESIGN Qualitative study of semistructured interviews with a directed content analysis of transcripts. SETTING North-West London, UK. PARTICIPANTS 21 individuals from various(More)
OBJECTIVE Research has suggested that sexual minority young people are more likely to have depressive symptoms or depressive disorder, but to date most studies in the field have relied on convenience-based samples. This study overcomes this limitation by systematically reviewing the literature from population-based studies and conducting a meta-analysis to(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify patient safety monitoring strategies in primary care. DESIGN Open-ended questionnaire survey. PARTICIPANTS A total of 113 healthcare professionals returned the survey from a group of 500 who were invited to participate achieving a response rate of 22.6%. SETTING North-West London, United Kingdom. METHOD A paper-based and(More)
Dedication Every challenging work needs self-effort as well as guidance of elders especially those who were every close to our heart. My humble effort I dedicated to my sweet and loving Father & Mother, And my beloved brothers and sisters, Who are affection, loving, and encouragement me, to make me able to get such success and honor. ii Acknowledgment I(More)
Background studies have sought to identify the possible determinants of medical students' and doctors' attitudes towards older patients by examining relationships with a variety of factors: demographic, educational/training, exposure to older people, personality/cognitive and job/career factors. This review collates and synthesises these findings. Methods(More)
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