R. Yuan

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Sensitive and specific methodologies for detection of pathogenic gene at the point-of-care are still urgent demands in rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. This work develops a simple and pragmatic electrochemical biosensing strategy for ultrasensitive and specific detection of pathogenic nucleic acids directly by integrating homogeneous target-initiated(More)
The data presented in this paper is supporting the research article "Genome-Wide Analysis of Superoxide Dismutase Gene Family in Gossypium raimondii and G. arboreum" [1]. In this data article, we present phylogenetic tree showing dichotomy with two different clusters of SODs inferred by the Bayesian method of MrBayes (version 3.2.4), "Bayesian phylogenetic(More)
Soil salinity is a major environmental stress limiting plant growth and productivity. We have reported previously the isolation of an Apocynum venetum DEAD-box helicase 1 (AvDH1) that is expressed in response to salt exposure. Here, we report that the overexpression of AvDH1 driven by a constitutive cauliflower mosaic virus-35S promoter in cotton plants(More)
Three DNA methyltransferases, M.NgoAI, and M.NgoBI and M.NgoBII, free of any nuclease activities were isolated from Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains WR220 and MUG116 respectively. M.NgoAI recognizes the sequence 5' GGCC 3' and methylates the first 5' cytosine on both strands. M.NgoBI and M.NgoBII recognize 5' TCACC 3' and 5' GTAN5CTC 3' respectively. M.NgoBII(More)
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