R. X. Deng

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Shelterbelt systems play an important and long-term role in ecological stability and food security. Today, shelterbelts are threatened by anthropogenic destruction, plant diseases, and insect pests. Determining the continuity of shelterbelts is essential for the management and maintenance of complete and stable shelterbelt systems. In this paper, we(More)
The Northeast shelterbelt project is a part of the Shelter Forest System Program in Three-North Regions of China. By far, the third phase project has been completed, and the fourth phase project is on the point of completion. This paper chose the Yushu, Nong'an, Dehui and Fuyu in midwestern Jilin province as the research areas, selected three phase(More)
Width is one of the key parameters of a shelterbelt. Traditional methods to acquire this width are mainly based on field measurement, which is impractical for monitoring shelterbelts at regional scale. There are many studies analyzing linear objects, but they are not directly applicable to width detection of such objects. In this paper, we analyzed(More)
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