R. Wirza

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Face recognition is one of the most significant achievements in human vision. It has emerged that eigenface, neural network, graph matching, hidden markov model, geometrical feature matching ,template matching, 3D morphable model , line edge map (LEM) , support vector machine (SVM) ,multiple classifier systems (MCSs) are fashionable techniques of face(More)
A novel technique for Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) that employs both the color and spatial information of images is proposed. A maximum of three dominant color regions in an image together with its respective coordinates of the Minimum-Bounding Rectangle (MBR) are first extracted. Next, the Sub-Block technique is then used to determine the location(More)
Coronary arterial tree extraction in angiograms is an essential component of each cardiac image processing system. Once physicians decide to check up coronary arteries from x-ray angiograms, extraction must be done precisely, fast, automatically and including whole arterial tree to help diagnosis or treatment during the cardiac surgical operation. This(More)
Different approaches to gray and white matter measurements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have been studied. For clinical use, the estimated values must be reliable and accurate when, unfortunately, many techniques fail on these criteria in an unrestricted clinical environment. A recent method for tissue clusterization in MRI analysis has the advantage(More)
Medical image processing is nowadays one of the best tools to make an informative model from a raw image of each part of the body, and segmentation is the most important step in which used to extract significant features. Coronary artery segmentation algorithm in angiograms is a fundamental component of each cardiac image processing system. There are lots(More)
Segmentation is an important step in medical imaging to acquire qualitative measurements such as the location of the desired objects and also for quantitative measurements such as area, volume or the analysis of dynamic behaviour of anatomical structures over time. Among these images, ultrasound images play a crucial role, because they can be produced on(More)
Segmentation is one of the major steps in the analysis of medical images, as it outputs the attributes extracted from the input images. The need for automated width detection lies in analyzing the presence or absence of specific anomalies. The paper presents the segmentation of the Coronary artery tree from the angiographic images. This is done by(More)
BACKGROUND The identification and segmentation of inhomogeneous image regions is one of the most challenging issues nowadays. The surface vessels of the human heart are important for the surgeons to locate the region where to perform the surgery and to avoid surgical injuries. In addition, such identification, segmentation, and visualisation helps novice(More)
Denoising of images is one of the vital topics in image manipulating. Approaches for denoising a chain of images aims to attenuate additive noise to the lowest possible rates by using both spatial and temporal areas. Conversely, extracting the edges of images that affected by the White-Gaussian noise was the major dilemma faced by many researchers. Many of(More)