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We document post-fire succession on xeric sites in the southern Appalachian Mountains, USA and assess effects of 20th century reduction in fire frequency on vegetation structure and composition. Successional studies over 18 yr on permanent plots that had burned in 1976-1977 indicate that tree mortality and vegetation response varied with fuel load and fire(More)
The first atmospheric Cherenkov telescope of VERITAS (the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) has been in operation since February 2005. We present here a technical description of the instrument and a summary of its performance. The calibration methods are described, along with the results of Monte Carlo simulations of the telescope and(More)
Microfluidic systems are essential to a broad range of technological applications, including biotechnology, [1] microelectronics , [2] sensors, [3] chemical reactors, [4] and autonomic materials. [5] Several approaches have emerged for fabricating two-dimensional (2D) [6] and three-dimensional (3D) [7] micro-fluidic devices, including photolithographic or(More)
Brandão, Andreia, Eng, Khen Khong, Rito, Teresa, Cavadas, Bruno, Bulbeck, David, Gandini, Francesca, Pala, Maria, Mormina, Maru, Hudson, Bob, White, Joyce, Ko, Tsang­Ming, Saidin, Mokhtar, Zafarina, Zainuddin, Oppenheimer, Stephen, Richards, Martin B., Pereira, Luísa and Soares, Pedro (2016) Quantifying the legacy of the Chinese Neolithic on the maternal(More)