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This article presents a tool that can be used to assess the readiness of a health facility to provide emergency obstetric care. The 'walk-through' tool is a checklist that follows the physical path that a woman and her caregivers might follow. The items on the checklist are critical to an enabling environment in which skilled providers can save lives. The(More)
Rapidly advancing integrated circuit technology has placed many new and often unforeseen demands on logic packaging techniques and, hence, is also impacting traditional computer design concepts. For instance, one of the most pertinent and immediate requirements is the optimum utilization of input/output (I/O) connections since the package size is strongly(More)
Integrated Circuit technology has placed many new demands on logic packaging techniques. In order for Large Scale Integration to succeed, additional computer design concepts must be developed. Designers must move away from unit logic and towards dense packages where many integrated circuits are contained in extremely small areas. This implies optimum(More)
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