R. Wallace

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The use of the PC and Internet for placing telephone calls will present new opportunities to capture vast amounts of un-transcribed speech for a particular speaker. This paper investigates how to best exploit this data for speaker-dependent speech recognition. Supervised and unsupervised experiments in acoustic model and language model adaptation are(More)
  • J. S. Ross, P. Amendt, L. J. Atherton, M. Dunne, S. H. Glenzer, J. D. Lindl +4 others
  • 2013
Recent progress towards demonstrating inertial confinement fusion (ICF) ignition at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) has sparked wide interest in Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (LIFE) for carbon-free large-scale power generation. A LIFE-based fleet of power plants promises clean energy generation with no greenhouse gas emissions and a virtually limitless,(More)
Endometrioid carcinoma of the ovary is the third most common epithelial tumour of the ovary, accounting for between 16% and 25% of these tumours.1 A co-existing adenocarcinoma of the endometrium has been found in 14-25% of patients.2' 3 CASE REPORT A 45-year-old female, para 2, presented to the gynaecological outpatient clinic with a two-year history of(More)
Urban/rural breast-cancer incidence ratios in the state of Iowa for 1950 and 1969-71 were contrasted with corresponding urban and rural distributions of age-at-first-birth and population nutrition, variable measured approximately 15 years before each morbidity survey and putatively related to breast-cancer incidence. Over the study interval, the decline in(More)
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