R. Walker

D. Langton2
R. Sylvester-Bradley2
P. Talboys2
T. Roose2
2D. Langton
2R. Sylvester-Bradley
2P. Talboys
2T. Roose
2J. Heppell
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A special class of mutually inhibitory networks is analyzed, and parameters for reliable K-winner performance are presented. The network dynamics are modeled using interactive activation, and results are compared with the sigmoid model. For equal external inputs, network parameters that select the units with the larger initial activations (the network(More)
(1) U n iv e r s ity o f R o m a " T o r V e r g a ta " , Ita ly (2) T e le c o m Ita lia L e a r n in g S e r v ic e s , Ita ly (3) C o m p u tin g D e p a r tm e n t, L a n c a s te r U n iv e r s ity , U K (4) In s titu te o f C o m m u n ic a tio n a n d C o m p u te r S y s te m s o f th e N a tio n a l T e c h n ic a l U n iv e r s ity o f A th e n s(More)
Converging lines of evidence suggest that motor imagery (the mental simulation of a motor act within working memory) is associated with subliminal activation of the motor system. This observation has led to the hypothesis that cortical activation during motor imagery may affect the acquisition of specific motor skills and help the recovery of motor(More)
Significant numbers of mast cells have been demonstrated histologically around the periphery of the invasive rat mammary adenocarcinoma 13672NF. The number of mast cells at microfoci along the tumour:host tissue junction was significantly greater than that found in normal mammary tissues, and few mast cells were detected within the tumour itself. Mast cell(More)
In preparation for first data at the LHC, a series of Data Challenges, of increasing scale and complexity, have been performed. Large quantities of simulated data have been produced on three different Grids, integrated into the ATLAS production system. During 2006, the emphasis moved towards providing stable continuous production, as is required in the(More)
Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient necessary for maintaining crop growth, however, it’s often used inefficiently within agroecosystems, driving industry to find new ways to deliver P to crops sustainably. We aim to combine traditional soil and crop measurements with climate-driven mathematical models, to give insight into optimising the timing and(More)
A 67-year-old man developed Serratia marcescens peritonitis within a week of commencing peritoneal dialysis. Dialysate cultures isolated multidrug-resistant S. marcescens, which was treated with intraperitoneal meropenem. This unusual case highlights the problem of multidrug-resistant peritoneal dialysis infections and the potential viability of(More)
The readily available global rock phosphate (P) reserves may be depleted within the next 50–130 years warranting careful use of this finite resource. We develop a model that allows us to assess a range of P fertiliser and soil management strategies for Barley in order to find which one maximises plant P uptake under certain climate conditions. Our model(More)
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