R. Wade Warrant

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Thr~ structural features of yeast phenylalanine transfer RNA are analyzed and documented in detail, based on atomic coordinates obtained from an extensive crystallographic refinement of t,he crystal structure of the molecule at 2.7 A resolution (see preceding paper). We describe here: the relative orientation and the helicity of the base-paired stems; more(More)
X-ray crystallographic studies indicate that there are at least four site-specifically bound hydrated Mg 2+ ions, [Mg(H 2 0) n ] 2+ , in yeast tRNA Pne. The size and the octahedral coordination geometry, rather than the charge, of [Mg(H2O) n ] 2+ appear to be the primary reasons for the specificity of magnesium ions in site-binding and in the stabilization(More)
Single crystal X-ray diffraction and circular dichroism studies of protamine binding to a tRNA suggest that the protamine molecule changes its conformation from a random coil to a structure containing a helices on binding to tRNA, and that alpha-helical segment(s) of protamine bind approximately along a shallow groove of a double-helical portion of ttrna.(More)
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