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Exocytosis and membrane recycling at the cytoproct (cell anus) of Tetrahymena pyriformis were studied using thin-section electron microscopy. Single cells were fixed at specific times relative to the elimination of the vacuole's contents--before elimination, at elimination, 3--5 s and 10--15 s following elimination. The closed cytoproct is distinguished(More)
This case report demonstrates the course of herpes simplex virus cerebritis in a patient aged 7 years 2 months who presented with non-specific symptoms followed by an epileptic attack. Subcortical, bilateral opercular and bilateral thalamic lesions were detected, but the temporal and inferior frontal lobes were spared. The patient developed anarthria,(More)
  • Eberhard Klempt, A V Alkofer, V V Anisovich, C Anisovich, Amsler, F Batty +103 others
  • 2004
Hadron spectroscopy has received revitalised interest due to the discovery of states with unexpected properties. The BABAR collaboration found a D sJ (2317) (likely scalar) me-son, accompanied by a second state, the D sJ (2463) with preferred spin J = 1, discovered at CLEO. Both are found at an unexpectedly low mass and are narrow. A further narrow(More)
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