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Nine trained cyclists were studied to determine the effects of caffeine (CAF), and glucose polymer (GP) feedings on work production (kpm) during two hr of isokinetic cycling exercise (80 rpm). Ingestion of 250 mg of CAF 60 min prior to the ride was followed by ingestion of an additional 250 mg fed at 15 min intervals over the first 90 min of the exercise.(More)
The lactate threshold (LT) was studied (N=9) during ergometer cycling under control (C), high blood glucose (G), and high blood free fatty acid (F) conditions. During the G trial blood lactate (HLa) was greater than C at all work loads (P less than 0.05) Adjusted blood HLa values (HLa - pre-exercise value = delta HLa), however, were essentially the same for(More)
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