R W Koeske

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Previous research has shown that family size, the number of obese persons living at home, and parental weight influence the development of childhood obesity. Our study reports the relevance of these factors to child weight loss during a 1-year treatment period. Multiple linear regression procedures showed that the amount of relative weight change was(More)
Sixty-two children and adolescents with IDDM were observed while performing self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) to determine which of the behaviors involved in SMBG were most likely to be performed incorrectly and which errors had the greatest effect on the accuracy of SMBG readings. Behaviors related to cleanliness and timing were performed most(More)
Acceptance of an attribution pattern linking negative moods (depression, irritability) to the approach of menstruation and the likelihood of internal and external attributions were examined in a questionnaire study in which cycle phase (pre- versus postmenstrual), mood (positive versus negative), and environment (pleasant versus unpleasant) were varied.(More)
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