R W Harrison

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Attributes for two value-added seafood products derived from underutilized crawfish are analyzed using conjoint data from seafood restaurants in the southern region of the United States. Preferences for the products’ form, price, and flavor attributes were tested. Statistical tests revealed that the attribute interactions were not significant, and(More)
The self-organisation of void and gas bubbles in solids into superlattices is an intriguing nanoscale phenomenon. Despite the discovery of these lattices 45 years ago, the atomistics behind the ordering mechanisms responsible for the formation of these nanostructures are yet to be fully elucidated. Here we report on the direct observation via transmission(More)
A model for the tectonic evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean region from Mesozoic to Present is developed from geological, geophysical, and seismological data on and surrounding the island of Cyprus. This model emphasizes the role of major transform structures in accommodating horizontal plate motions, driven from the west by spreading along the(More)
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