R. W. Harris

M. P. Vessey3
R. Doll2
P. G. Smith1
3M. P. Vessey
2R. Doll
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Three fast search routines to be used in the encoding phase of vector quantization (VQ) image compression systems are presented. These routines, which are based on geometric considerations, provide the same results as an exhaustive (or full) search. Examples show that the proposed algorithms need only 3-20% of the number of mathematical operations required(More)
A review and a performance comparison of several often-used vector quantization (VQ) codebook generation algorithms are presented. The codebook generation algorithms discussed include the Linde-Buzo-Gray (LBG) binary-splitting algorithm, the pairwise nearest-neighbor algorithm, the simulated annealing algorithm, and the fuzzy c-means clustering analysis(More)
To identify risk factors for various cervical abnormalities, 237 women with abnoromal cervical smears and 422 control women were interviewed. Cervical biopsy specimens taken from the patients with abnormal smears were reviewed according to standard criteria by one pathologist and classified as follows: 65 carcinoma in situ, 81 severe dysplasia, 44 mild(More)
The concentrations of retinol and beta carotene were measured in serum samples taken from 113 women with cervical cancer, 32 with invasive and 81 with pre-invasive disease, and compared with those from 226 age-matched control women. There was little difference in serum retinol levels between women with cancer of the cervix, at any stage, and the control(More)
In a case-control study, we investigated 169 women aged 15-49 years with malignant melanoma notified to the Oxford and South Western cancer registries during the years 1971-1976, together with 507 matched controls. Data about medical, reproductive, drug and smoking histories were obtained both by reviewing general practitioner (GP) records and from the(More)
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