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We describe quantum tomography as an inverse statistical problem. We show results of consistency in different norms, for Pattern Function Projection Estimators as well as for Sieve Maximum Likelihood Estimators for the density matrix of the quantum state and its Wigner function. The density matrix and the Wigner function are two different ways of(More)
Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are short single-pass DNA sequences obtained from either end of cDNA clones. These ESTs are derived from a vast number of cDNA libraries obtained from different species. Human ESTs are the bulk of the data and have been widely used to identify new members of gene families, as markers on the human chromosomes, to discover(More)
MOTIVATION Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) are short single-pass DNA sequences obtained from either ends of cDNA clones. To exploit these sequences efficiently, a dynamic Web-tool has been developed which uses these data to perform fast virtual cloning of cDNAs. RESULTS Starting with a query sequence, the user is able to identify related ESTs and extend(More)
A novel strategy for the solid-phase extraction of basic drugs has been developed using commercial extraction cartridges. The procedure involves the sequential application of very different isolation mechanisms, viz. hydrophobic extraction on non-porous carbon followed by ionic extraction on a strong cation exchanger. This approach to extraction achieves(More)
VANET is recognized as an important component of Intelligent Transportation Systems. To successfully deploy VANET, security is one of the major challenges that must be addressed. A very important one is to guarantee the security of vehicle-generated reports. In what regards security, selfish vehicles may attempt to clear up the way ahead or mess up the way(More)
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