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Physical and technical limitations have to be considered when measuring small torques over a wide range of angles during joint movements in humans using isokinetic methods, i.e. at constant angular velocities. In the concentric mode, during the initial phase, the subject must actively accelerate the lever of the isokinetic dynamometer to a present velocity.(More)
The effects of an 8-week unilateral contract-relax (CR) stretching training program (passive stretch after isometric contraction) on muscular performance were investigated in a group of 16 athletes. The flexibility, maximum torque and angular position as well as contraction work in movements of the knee joint were determined before training and after 4 and(More)
Eccentric and posteccentric force behaviour in human skeletal muscle and in isolated frog muscle fibres was studied by imposing stretch-and-hold loading conditions during contractions with maximal voluntary effort or under tetanic stimulation in the isolated preparations. The investigations on human muscle were made on the forearm flexors of a group of(More)
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