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Over the past several decades, a large body of research has studied student outcomes in higher education. Among them, many examined the relationships between financial aid and student dropout behavior. But this line of research focuses primarily on the effects of financial aid in general, paying limited attention to the differences in dropout behavior(More)
The fast physical optics (FPO) method for calculating the monostatic radar cross section (RCS) of an object over a range of frequencies is extended to the shooting and bouncing rays (SBR) method where the multi-bounce phenomena of the launched rays is considered. The FPO method is an improved version of the physical optics (PO) method, which is efficient(More)
An efficient algorithm for solving surface integral equation based on mesh-free scheme is proposed. The surface current is represented by a set of shape functions instead of conventional Rao-Wilton-Glisson (RWG) basis functions in the method of moments (MoM). The shape functions are constructed on some distributed nodes without explicitly requiring(More)
The Al-Li alloy system can provide a unique opportunity to study the thermal history of shearband formation by following the thermal dissolution of the precipitate phase G'(A13Li) as a function of Li concentration and 6' solvus temperature. The metastable 6' solvus increases in temperature with increasing Li concentration. As such, the dissolution of 6'(More)
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