R. W. Carthew

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We have used affinity chromatography on columns containing immobilized calf thymus RNA polymerase II to isolate three phosphoproteins (RAP72, RAP38, and RAP30) that bind directly to RNA polymerase II. All could be isolated from cell nuclei, and all three could be detected in mouse and human tissue culture cell lines, but only RAP38 and RAP30 have so far(More)
The rapid advance in three-dimensional (3D) confocal imaging technologies is rapidly increasing the availability of 3D cellular images. However, the lack of robust automated methods for the extraction of cell or organelle shapes from the images is hindering researchers ability to take full advantage of the increase in experimental output. The lack of(More)
Eukaryotes silence gene expression in the presence of double-stranded RNA homologous to the silenced gene. Silencing occurs by the targeted degradation of mRNA. Biochemical reactions that recapitulate this phenomenon generate RNA fragments of 21--23 nucleotides from the double-stranded RNA. These stably associate with an RNA endonuclease and probably serve(More)
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