R W Babilon

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Muscarinic receptor binding sites were identified in membranes prepared from albino rabbit ciliary processes, using the muscarinic antagonist [3H]L-quinuclidinyl benzylate as the radioligand. Analysis of saturation binding experiments demonstrated that [3H]L-quinuclidinyl benzylate bound to an apparent homogeneous population of binding sites with a Kd value(More)
High affinity binding sites for the angiotensin II antagonist 125I-[Sar1,Ile8]-AII have been identified and characterized in membrane suspensions of ocular tissues of albino rabbits. Scatchard analysis of the binding indicated a single class of sites with Kd values of 186, 92, 152, 50, 102 pM for the iris + ciliary body, choroid, ciliary process, retina and(More)
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