R. W. Arndt

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In order to minimize the stresses on the musculoskeletal system, attempts have been made to develop design guidelines for video display terminal workstations. Evaluations of VDT workstations reveal that many of the health problems experienced by operators might be attributed to awkward postures caused by lack of consideration of these guidelines. In other(More)
Corrosion of steel reinforcements is the main cause of damage and early failure of reinforced concrete structures in civil engineering, leading to enormous costs for inspection, maintenance, restoration and replacement of the infrastructure worldwide. Conventional methods for detecting corrosion are based on electrochemical techniques such as half-cell(More)
Automation of wet chemical analytical procedures, particularly titration, photometry and chromatography, have wide application in industrial laboratories. Very often some sample pretreatment must be carried out to transfer the sample into a suitable state for the measurement or chromatographic process. In industrial analysis, samples are very often solids(More)
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