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Holonomic behavior is desirable in the tight confines of a rubbled, collapsed-structure environment. But arbitrary motion is difficult to achieve, mechanically, particularly since treads are the most common form of locomotive device in search and rescue robots. We are developing a reconfigurable suite of locomotive modules that permit side-slipping(More)
A motive toolbox of reconfigurable modules is described to extend capabilities of the TerminatorBot. The robot can be statically reconfigured with both sensors and actuators for particular applications by way of the morphing bus. The morphing bus is a parallel bus that adapts to the modules connected. A software tool is provided to aid the user in static(More)
In this paper we present a novel serpentine marsupial robot that consists of three articulated modules of 10 treads each, ringing the circumference. The treads of each cylindrical tread module move in two dimensions, resulting in holonomic behavior. The differentially-driven planetary gears permit both transverse and longitudinal tread motion while both(More)
In disaster sites the presence of explosive gas and liquid is assumed. Thus there is an immediate need for an explosion proof active scope camera in SSR. This report presents a novel explosion proof active scope camera for use in domains of inspection of critical infrastructure, disaster response and recovery. This mechanism utilizes the pressure surge(More)
The smaller the robot the easier it is for it to access voids in a collapsed structure. Yet, small size brings a host of problems due to resource constraints. One of the primary constraints on small robots is limited motive power to surmount obstacles and rough terrain. We are developing a small reconfigurable robotic system with various add-on modules to(More)
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