R. Vignes

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BACKGROUND The severity of envenoming from Bothrops lanceolatus is determined by the development of cerebral, myocardial or pulmonary infarctions, and occasionnaly by serious local envenoming. Introduction of specific antivenom has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the prognosis of this envenoming. Against this background, we report 3 recent cases of(More)
There is relative inattention to caregiving burden in black populations in developing economies. This study seeks to assess the level of perceived burden and social determinants of burden of care in caregivers of adult patients with schizophrenia. In this cross-sectional study, 115 dyads of patients with schizophrenia caregivers attending public mental(More)
Fentanyl citrate or morphine chlorhydrate are injected intramuscularly at increasing doses to patients suffering from intense pain in the facial or trigeminal nerves territory: --fentanyl = 0.0015, 0.003, 0.006 mg/kg; --morphine = 0.100, 0.150, 0.200 mg/kg. The clinically observed side-effects are noted at regular time during the three hours following the(More)
For the purposes of this study, sulfentanil is administered to conscious men in increasing doses (0,00015, 0,0003, 0,0006 mg/kg) by intra-muscular injection, and the results are compared with those obtained in the same condition by administration of morphine (0,100, 0,150, 0,200 mg/kg). The administration of both drugs provokes the same side-effects. The(More)
We study the information included in sandfly wings in order to test this organ as a source for the specific discrimination. The cartesian coordinates of the vein intersections are collected using a microscope and a graphic table. From these data a specifically developed software searches for discriminant characters. The present study on 32 New World species(More)
INTRODUCTION The cerebral venous system is poorly known and is best appreciated based on macroscopic anatomical considerations. We present an anatomical and immunohistochemical study to better define the morphological characteristics of the junction between the inferior cortical veins and the transversal sinuses. MATERIAL AND METHODS Sixteen cadaveric(More)
The diagnosis of hereditary retinal syndromes may be difficult for a physician because of their number and variability. A computer assisted diagnosis of these syndromes can be useful in such cases. We used an identification software (XPER) for this purpose. The data base contains more than 67,000 elementary data that enable us to define 115 hereditary(More)