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The authors give a review about plants used in the folk medicine of Mozambique, according to the literature and the personal experiences of the first author in dealing with people there. This paper shows their known active compounds and treatment of the therapeutical values as well as methods of application in Mozambique and in its neighbouring countries.
Electric precipitation is a method in serological diagnostics (determination of species-specificity). Since serum protein fractions (especially immunoglobulins) and extracts from blood stains migrate in agar-gel at pH 8.2–8.6 towards the cathode they cannot be used for the determination of the species specificity. By a chemical method using glutaraldehyde(More)
The authors summarise the clinical characteristics of the syncope and neurological signs respectively caused by basilar vertebral artery insufficiency as well as carotid sinus hypersensitivity. Several authors have seen an increased number of patients with neurological symptoms caused by ischaemia in the region of the basilar artery occurring while driving(More)
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