R. Velayutham

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BACKGROUND Actin-based cell motility is fundamental for development, function, and malignant events in eukaryotic organisms. During neural development, axonal growth cones depend on rapid assembly and disassembly of actin filaments (F-actin) for their guided extension to specific targets for wiring. Monomeric globular actin (G-actin) is the building block(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) become an emerging technology due to its low cost solution to the real world challenges. With the widespread growth in applications for resource-limited Wireless Sensor Networks, the need for reliable and efficient security mechanisms for them has increased in manifold but its implementation is a non-trivial task. In mission(More)
Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm was introduced to resist classical methods of cryptanalysis (i.e.) from linear or differential attacks. The cryptographic strength of the AES depends strongly on the choice of S-box. The result of the new attack methods shows that there may be some lacuna in the design of S-box in the AES algorithm. The setback is the(More)
Security plays an vital role in wireless sensor networks. Since the nodes are deployed in the physical environment, Hackers may easily access the data. In order to provide security, The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm has developed into an option for various security services. Non-Linear arrangements or mechanism of S-Box and RCON of this(More)
The eye is the most beautiful and the most important sensory organ of the human body. It plays a vital role in our day to day lives. Eye sight is one of our most essential senses as 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. Moreover, the eyes make an essential contribution to the facial expression and serve for getting into contact with(More)
This paper uses one of the security algorithms like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Earth Observation small Satellites. Commercial security in Earth observation satellite images is in need to protect valuable data transmitted from the satellite. In November 2001 NIST published Rijndael as the proposed Algorithm for AES (Advanced Encryption(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks have been a significant area in the research of Security Authentication and the Data Access Control. This paper presents a distributed data access control scheme fine-grained access control over sensor data which is resistant against strong attacks such as sensor compromise and user colluding. Here a new security mechanism proposed(More)
Corresponding Author: Velayutham, R. Einstein College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India Email: murugan.vetech@gmail.com Abstract: The comparative analysis of the renowned cryptographic algorithms AES, DES and RSA. The Rijndael algorithm was adapted as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, to Data Encryption algorithm (DES), which have(More)
Railway is the most commonly used transportation vehicle. Most of the people choose this transportation mainly for low cost and it gives comfort ability. To increase this comfort zone and to reduce the number of accidents, our system gives a complete solution. Nowadays, we met a lot of railway accidents. Most of these accidents occur at railway gate level(More)
Now-a-days children and women are facing many security related problems. In such situations, they are helpless and don't have any way to protect them or inform it to their family members, neighbours or police station and they feel as handicaps. Hence there should be a system to protect them in such times. So this system helps them to seek help in any(More)