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The frontal pole (FP), which largely overlaps with Brodmann's area (BA) 10, is the rostral-most part of the hominid cerebral cortex, and plays a critical role in complex aspects of human cognition. The existing conventions suggested for MRI-based parcellation of this important frontal subdivision have limited cytoarchitectonic meaning with regard to the(More)
In present scenario, energy and power pays a major role in human life to meet their basic needs and necessities. A design methodology of electrical power generation using footsteps were presented for energy applications. Man has needed energy at an increasing rate for his presence ever since he came on the earth. Various energy resources have not been(More)
OBJECTIVES Medication communication skills are vital aspects of patient care that may influence treatment outcomes. However, traditional pharmacology curriculum deals with imparting factual information, with little emphasis on patient communication. The current study aims to explore students' perceptions of role-play as an educational tool in acquiring(More)
The field of data mining is concerned with finding interesting patterns from an unstructured data. A simple, popular as well as an efficient clustering technique for data analysis is k-means. But classical k-means algorithm can only be applied to numerical data where k is a user given value. But the data generated from a wide variety of domains are of mixed(More)
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