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J. Zipper, R. Vazny, L. Maurer, M. Wilhelm, T. Greifeneder, The major design objective for baseband processing is to miniA. Holm' mize the analog signal processing by using a high-resolution ADC and performing channel filtering in the digital domain. Thus, a 'Danube Integrated Circuit Engineering, Linz, Austria biquad is implemented, which together with the(More)
A multi-standard, multi-band fully-integrated interstage filter-free receiver with integrated auto-centered TX leakage filtering is fabricated in a 65 nm CMOS technology. The measured TX selectivity in UMTS band II is 9.1 dB, the receiver gain at 1.96 GHz is 54.1 dB, and NF is 3.68 dB. The 0.5 dB reference sensitivity degradation caused by TX leakage is(More)
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