R. Vasanth Kumar Mehta

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Contradiction Analysis is one of the popular text-mining operations in which a document whose content is contradictory to the theme of a set of documents is identified. It is a means to identifying Outlier documents that do not confirm to the overall sense conveyed by other documents. Most of the existing techniques perform document-level comparisons,(More)
Data Quality is critical to the quality of patterns and analysis obtained from data. One of the important factors plaguing data is violation of Semantic Integrity, leading to inconsistency, in turn resulting in generation of bad patterns or reports when data mining or warehousing techniques are applied on such data. In this paper, a data quality mining(More)
—Datasets are becoming larger and there is an acute need to use data mining techniques to exploit the available data. The increasing size of the datasets poses a challenge to the data miners, which can be solved using two approaches – high speed computing systems, and pre-processing techniques. In this paper, we propose a solution combining the above two(More)
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