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This work deals with the means of videoconferencing systems ran by web browsers. It analyzes certain contemporary videoconferencing solutions and technologies used for multimedia streaming. It also describes the WebRTC technology terminology and presents the reader with its benefits. It sketches certain options for security enhancements for visual stream(More)
Artificial neural networks (ANN) are one of the dominant learning techniques used in the field of artificial intelligence and have significant assets as their properties imitate the behavior of neurons in human brain. In this paper is presented the research focused on ANN, specifically Multilayer perceptron (MPL) with the aim of detection of human face in(More)
The aim of this paper the extraction of human body dimensions using the latest Microsoft Kinect device. Another focus is the analysis of various application of this device in specific branches of science and research and its application in estimation of dimensions. Brief analysis of the device itself is carried out as well. The principal output of this(More)
In this paper the elimination of image distortion and subsequent estimation of intrinsic camera parameters, while extracting the real object dimensions from photographs is presented. Research analysis includes description of the basic concepts related to the camera calibration. Following the analysis, the most suitable calibration method has been chosen and(More)
Main goal of this paper is a system created for the purpose of disaggregation appliances from the energy profile in the households and the evaluation of unusual activities carried out in a smart home appliances with the help of self-organizing maps (SOM), or individual model views for educational purpose. The paper focuses on the analysis of existing(More)
This paper describes how to use Smart Home control module and their modules to learning IOT/IOE. As Smart Home control module was used Arduino board. Such control module is controlled via mobile device running Android and iOS or using web application. Control module was implemented into home environment. Conclusion summarizes advantages and disadvantages of(More)
In this paper are presented the approaches and measures taken in order to enhance the learning process of computer networks. During research described in this paper we take into the consideration primarily traditional form of education, i.e. active presence of student at the institution. Enhancement itself lies in the elimination of system testing and its(More)
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