R. Vandenberghe

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There exists nowadays consensus on the importance of teachers' professional development. Also, most authors agree that the school's workplace conditions can exert great in#uence on this development. In this paper the impact of two workplace conditions, autonomy and collegiality, on elementary school teachers' professional development is analysed. The(More)
On the basis of some large scale inquiries into the nature of time expressions in natural language, in which informants were asked to indicate sharp (crisp) and closed time intervals for a range of linguistic expressions, several models of representing vague lexical time intervals by means of fuzzy set theory are discussed. These models primarily depend on(More)
In the 1990's neuroanatomical models of language and semantic memory have been mainly based on functional neuroimaging studies of brain activity in healthy volunteers and correlational studies between structural lesions in patients and behavioral deficits. In this paper we present a novel approach where we test models that have been developed in healthy(More)
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