R V Sandeva

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Many neuropeptides, like angiotensins and vasopressin, are involved in the regulation of urinary bladder contractile activity. They activate the inositol-triphosphate signal pathway and increase intracellular calcium concentration. To determine the effect of ghrelin and extracellular calcium on the amplitude and force of angiotensin and vasopressin-mediated(More)
The effects of bombesin (BM) on the canine gallbladder motility was studied under two different experimental conditions: (i) in conscious dogs with a balloon chronically implanted into the gallbladder lumen where intragallbladder pressure was recorded in mm Hg by means of a pressure transducer, and (ii) in smooth muscle preparations isolated from different(More)
The complex treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) administered in a sanatorium environment is an effective therapeutic option for this condition as it involves conduction of a combination of climatic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures for a longer period of time. We studied the effect of this therapeutic modality on(More)
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