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BACKGROUND Long-term administration of azithromycin (AZM) in children with cystic fibrosis (CF) has improved outcomes. However, the doses and schedule of administration are not very well studied in children with CF. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted to compare the effect of two doses of azithromycin (5mg/kg/day and 15mg/kg/day) on FEV(1)(More)
There is no report on systemic mycotic disease in wild crocodilians so far. This report describes possibly the first ever case of deep gastric mycosis in a wild Indian crocodile. A carcass of an adult female, broad snouted Indian marsh crocodile was brought for necropsy. Externally, all visible mucous membranes, eyes, cloacal opening and joints were normal.(More)
Pulmonary pseudallescheriosis was diagnosed in a two-months old calf. Pneumonic lungs with yellow-white nodules on the surfaces revealed granulomatous lesions microscopically. Septate, pleomorphic hyphae were present in the central caseated core with a bright eosinophilic periphery surrounded by polymorphonuclear cells and macrophages followed by a zone of(More)
AIM The aim of the present study was to investigate the molecular etiopathology of occurrence of reproductive diseases in female goats. Reproductive diseases in goats account for major economic losses to goat farmers in terms of valuable loss of offspring and animal productivity. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 660 female genitalia were examined for(More)
Schmallenberg virus (SBV) infection is an emerging infectious disease of ruminants first described in Germany in November, 2011. Since then it has spread very rapidly to several European countries. The disease is characterised by fever, reduced milk production and diarrhoea in cattle and abortions, stillbirths and foetal abnormalities in sheep and goats.(More)
A fascinating and important arbovirus is Ross River Virus (RRV) which is endemic and epizootic in nature in certain parts of the world. RRV is a member of the genus Alphavirus within the Semliki Forest complex of the family Togaviridae, which also includes the Getah virus. The virus is responsible for causing disease both in humans as well as horses.(More)
A rare case of hermaphroditism accompanied with ectopic sigmoid kidney in cross-bred calf is reported. Findings revealed fused kidneys located near urinary bladder, and presence of uterus, vagina, penis and testicles. Both urinary and genital defects seemed to occur in combination and to be interrelated.
Brucellosis is one of the leading causes of abortion in domestic animals that imposes costs on both economy and society. The disease is highly zoonotic and poses risk to animal handlers due to its zoonotic nature. It causes stillbirth, loss of kids and abortion in last term of pregnancy. Reproductive damage includes infertility in does and orchitis and(More)
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