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Security of computers and the networks that connect them is increasingly becoming of great significance. Machine learning techniques such as Decision trees have been applied to the field of intrusion detection. Machine learning techniques can learn normal and anomalous patterns from training data and generate classifiers that are used to detect attacks on(More)
The usage of XML data in the World Wide Web and elsewhere as a standard for the exchange of data and to represent semi structured data tends to develop the various tools and techniques to perform various data mining operations on XML documents and XML repositories. In recent years, several encouraging methods have been identified and developed for mining(More)
This paper presents greenery and non-greenery image classification using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system. A hybrid set of parameters involving texture and a measure of color coherence using guided (template) image, are used for the purpose of classification. These hybrid set of parameters provide good classification accuracy for greenery and(More)
This paper throws a light on the available clustering techniques and algorithms, k-means is used to cluster standard and satellite image in RGB and HSV color space. Normally satellite images comes with data and noises, in order to extract meaningful information efficiently there is a need of image clustering and performance of clustering based on pixel(More)
Roughs set theory (RST) is one of the major components of soft computing and has the capability of dealings with vagueness/uncertainty/ambiguity. Recently, significant growth of the applications of RST in various image processing applications has triggered to do this review. This paper presents a short review of the concepts and applications of RST with(More)
This paper focuses on finding the image features in both spatial and wavelet domain and applied that for greenery and non-greenery image classification. The spatial color feature called guided color coherence feature(GCCF) & guided distance feature in wavelet(GDFW) are calculated for the purpose of classification. The color coherence vector is(More)
Regression testing is unavoidable maintenance activity that is performed several times in software development life cycle. Optimization of regression test case is required to minimize the test case (which will in-turn reduce the time and cost of testing) and to find the fault in early testing activity. The two widely used regression test case optimization(More)
Facial Expression is the easy way of telling/showing inner feelings. The Facial Expression Recognition system has many applications including human behavior understanding, detection of mental disorders, synthetic human expressions and many more. This paper presents a quick survey of facial expression recognition as well as a comparative study of various(More)
The panorama of the paper is content based image representation and retrieval. The major key flavor is texture content by a set of features having a perceptual meaning. We consider textured images and propose to model their textural content by a set of features having a perceptual meaning and their application to content-based image retrieval. We present a(More)
The internet of things (IoT) requires connecting various physical devices, including computing and mechanical devices to the internet. IPv6 over low power wireless personal area networks (6LoWPAN) is the great option for realizing IoT. IEEE 802.15.4 defines the physical and medium access control (MAC) layers of 6LoWPAN. MAC layer of 6LoWPAN plays an(More)