R. V. Merkur'eva

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The authors effected a comparative examination of morphologic and biochemical investigation of structural and enzymic reactions of the rat liver during different periods of permanent inhalation influence of carbon tetrachloride. Three stages of morphologico-biochemical parllels in the development of hepatotropic effect characterized by certain regularities(More)
The effect of phenobarbital (PB, 2 and 80 mg/kg, 3 intraperitoneal injections) on the rate of chromosomal aberrations in the bone marrow cells of rats induced by a single intraperitoneal injection of cyclophosphamide (CP) in a dose of 25 mg/kg was studied. Activity of mixed function oxygenase (MFO) was evaluated from the content of cytochrome P450, b5 and(More)
Simultaneous effect of benz(a)pyrene and sulphurous gas was accompanied by distinct alteration in metabolism of sialoglycoproteins in liver tissue; at the time N-acetylneuraminic acid was redistributed in liver subcellular organelles (mitochondria, lysosomes and endoplasmic reticulum) as well as cytochromes P-450 and b5 were induced in liver microsomes. The(More)
The alveolar macrophages are one of the most important cellular mechanisms protecting the lungs against the unfavorable effects of chemical atmospheric pollutants [5, 9, 12-14]. This is due to the important role of the system of mononuclear phagocytes in determining resistance of the organism to various factors [2, I0, 15, 16]. In previous experiments, the(More)
Similar changes in feeding and avoidance reaction in spite of the way of substance P administration (30 mgk/kg intravenously or 14,8 nmol intraventricular) were found in rabbits with electrodes implanted in various limbic-midbrain structures. Feeding was found to be more sensitive to substance P administration, as it was shown by the decrease of(More)