R. V. Jayakumar

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Thyroid anatomy and physiology change in the elderly with age-related fibrosis and atrophy in the thyroid gland and changes in thyroid hormones. The incidence of thyroid nodules increases with age, making the thyroid more nodular. Hypothyroidism is common in the elderly and, if untreated, is associated with significant morbidity. Elderly patients are(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to assess and compare the response to two forms of treatment-immobilization with zoledronic acid injection and immobilization with oral weekly Alendronate, in patients with diabetes mellitus and acute Charcot arthropathy (CA) of foot in terms of clinical and radiological parameters. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients attending the(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment options of bone loss with infections include bone transport with external fixators, vascularized bone grafts, non-vascularized autogenous grafts and vascularized allografts. The research hypothesis was that the graft length and intact ipsilateral fibula influenced hypertrophy and stress fracture. We retrospectively studied the graft(More)
CONTEXT Severe post burns contracture in children not only leads to functional impairment but also has profound psychological impact on the child. Untreated neck contractures have been shown to inhibit mandibular growth. Skin grafting in children has a higher rate of recurrence and in these cases a thin pliable flap seems to provide a durable solution. (More)
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