R. V. Hari Ginardi

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The use of satellite imagery for plantation management is helpful in monitoring the development of various parties including oil palm plantations. In a panchromatic IKONOS satellite imagery, oil palm plantations have unique characteristics that can be interpreted visually. This study tried to classify oil palm plantations from satellite imagery using(More)
Color inconsistency poses many difficulties when capturing the same object using different image capture devices. Color is one of main parts in image preprocessing and therefore color correction is needed to calibrate images in order to produce consistent color values. In this paper, we propose a new color correction method by employing combined linear(More)
A general issue for clinical medicine is whether to treat asymptomatic patients who present with bacteria in their urine. Because of increasing antimicrobial resistance, it is important not to treat patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria unless there is evidence of potential benefit. For this purpose, a urinalysis dipstick reagent color acquisition is(More)
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